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C. Fredrick Faudé Park

Once proposed for a housing development, this lovely but little-known 14-acre hilltop park was eventually protected and donated to the Town by C. Fredrick Faudé in 1973. There are no amenities in this park, but a fire road and numerous trails invite exploring or just admiring the views. This hidden jewel offers some of the best views in San Anselmo.

Access & Trails:

From the south entrance at the corner of Oakland and Alderney Avenues, a sign and flight of steps leads up through a grassy meadow and a steep oak and madrone forest to the south summit of the park, giving views of Memorial Park, Red Hill, and San Anselmo.


From the north entrance on Tomahawk Drive, a short walk up a shady fire road leads to the high point of the park and a sweeping view of Archie Williams High School just below. This hill has been known to generations of students as “D” Hill because it was traditional for the new seniors to put a big chalk “D” on the grassy hillside. It offers stunning views of White’s Hill, Pine Mountain, Fairfax, Bald Hill, and Mount Tamalpais, with San Francisco and Oakland sparkling in the distance. It’s a perfect place to walk the dog or watch a sunset.

Recommended walk

Distance: 1/2 mile each way

Elevation: involves a 250’ climb.

Difficulty: It is not difficult for families in reasonable shape. It has great views, wildflowers in the spring,

Dogs are allowed.

No bikes or horses. 

Starting at the signed south entrance at Alderney and Oakland (100’ elevation), cross the bridge and go up the stairs. At .08 miles is a junction; continue on the main trail to the right. At .15 miles turn left at the stepped junction and continue up the new trail built by the Friends of Faudé Park. At .21 miles you come to the end of Faudé Fire Road. Go a few steps to the left to admire the view of downtown San Anselmo, the Castle, and Red Hill. Turn around and continue north on the fire road. The South Summit is at 306’ elevation. Cross a wide saddle and start up again. At .34 miles turn left on a major trail that comes out on top of “D” Hill at 330’. Admire the view of San Anselmo, Mount Tamalpais, Archie Williams School, and Bald Hill. The ridge to the right of Bald Hill is the Bald Hill Preserve, another of our open space acquisitions. The large hills in the distance beyond Fairfax are Pine Mountain - the third highest point in Marin - and White’s Hill. Continue north to a wye at .39 miles. The trail to the left goes to the west entrance at Wood Court; straight ahead ends at the North Summit. Turn right to return to the fire road and descend to the north entrance at .50 miles and 275’ elevation

Alternative return routes: If you’re tired of climbing hills, double back down the trail on your right .06 miles to the end of Oakland Avenue and walk down the road to your car. If you’re feeling more adventurous, walk back up the fire road only 100’ to a trail descending through the meadow on the left. This trail is unimproved and narrower. Beware of poison oak. Contour south through some pretty forest until you reach the stepped junction you passed on the way up, then continue down the steps to your car.

Faude Park Map
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